The First international and interdisciplinary workshop on Capturing and Automating Science and Technology Experiments in the Laboratory

How should the scientific infrastructure evolve to make the most out of the opportunities that AI provides science? The robot lab is coming, raising fundamental questions about the role of the scientist in this environment. Electronic notekeeping is a key bottleneck to realize the full promise of the automation of the laboratory experiment. Simultaneously, electronic notekeeping will be a key enabler of using artificial intelligence in the laboratory, as it will provide the input data that we need in the first place, the data to apply machine learning to.

FAIR-DI advocates the sharing of scientific raw data to advance research in science and engineering. CASTEL’23 aims to bring together researchers from the natural sciences with those from data science and artificial intelligence, to shed light on the ecosystem that we need to enable the laboratory experiment of the (near) future, and help identify the challenges that lie ahead of us.

The CASTEL’23 workshop is organised under the auspices of FAIR-DI.